Friday, October 30, 2009

Spoke too Soon

So I moved....yay!! It was so tiring, I haven't felt like lugging my Kitchen Aid out the car...and you know how much I love that thing so you can imagine. Anyway so if you read my last post you would see that yesterday was supposed to be my first dessert decorating and candy making class.....and you'd be right! it WAS supposed to be my first class.
I'm still getting over the exhaustion of moving so I took a short nap and prepared myself mentally for a 3 hr class.....
got into the car and drove over to the high school where it was being held.
OF COURSE I got lost.....I actually drove past where I remembered the school being and thought "huh...weird that school has a playground..never noticed that before....guess I'll keep driving..." Drove right past it thinking it must be a nursery school or something and I must have been mistaken. Turns out the high school is attached to an elementary school. If only I was lucid enough to read the sign lol. Anyway, I called my sister who gave me the correct address and I plugged it into my GPS. After getting myself sufficiently tied up in my GPS cord, I realized I was only 5 mins away. I was already late at this point and I hoped that the people ran on Trini time, which in Florida isn't too much of a stretch.
So I get to the school, late, search around for a parking spot and finally hustle inside.
Ok so I've never been in an American high school, and I'm sorry but at night with noone else around those hallways are SCARY as's all quiet and all you hear is your own any moment I expected some crazed janitor to throw a garbage bag over my head....Glad ForceFlex of course....
Eventually I found myself practically running thru the labyrinth-like halls "Breakfast Club" style trying to find the darn classroom. Every once in a while I would run into a random janitor around a corner who looked at me creepily while mopping....didn't help.
I found one janitor chatting to her friend on her blackberry (lol) and figured she woudn't kill me with her industrial sized broom and stopped and asked for directions to the classroom.
After getting LOST in the maze and somehow ending up on the opposite side of the school, I ran into the janitor again and she actually walked me to the room. There were lights on so I figured I was late and the class was going on.
I knocked on the answer.......
Ran around to the front fact noone was even in the class room.
I was tired and pissed off at this point. So I called the office and left a pretty b*tchy voice mail saying that there's noone in the class and I paid already and I would like to know what is going on. Then I felt kinda bad, I started thinking well maybe it's like the first day of school when u don't do anything really but take roll?
I found the front office and I walked in looking crazy and told them there was noone in the classroom.
"ooooooooh, you're the girl."
"uh ok?"
"You didn't leave a phone number, um....the class was cancelled.....yeahhhh"
"You have my email."
"excuse me?"
"I registered online, you sent me a confirmation, you have my email could have emailed."
"we don't email. We call."
"But I did everything've emailed me before."
"Sigh....Is my money back in my account?"
"uh you have to call to get it refunded"
*awkward silence*
I think they figured i would have left and called to get a refund but I was so confused and angry that I just wasted an hour of my life and stressed myself getting lost to get there to find out
a) the class was cancelled
b)they didn't bother to tell me
c) they didn't even refund my money knowing the class was cancelled.

Anyway so a lady came out and refunded me my money then and there cuz I think it became apparent I was not leaving till I had my $ nor was I calling back the office I was currntly standing in.

I'm LIVID at this point..... I KNOW I left a phone number but're so quick to email me back with a reciept and payment info but you can't scrounge up that same info and email me back saying the class was cancelled...or at the very least say "hey you have to follow this procedureto get ur money back". You don't know how far I may have had to drive or what else I had to do that day bullcrap I didn't leave a phone number.
Honestly if that's the level of unprofessionalism they display I am glad I won't be committed to a 7 week class there.
Publix saved my night tho, with their new bogo deals....I love Publix....their slogan is SOOOO on point.

This weekend I am going to attempt macarons.....cuz I love them, and cuz I need a pick me up

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