Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gumpaste is yummy

Just some pics from class yesterday....gumpaste flowers....
It's difficult getting the ruffling just right on those carnations, but I'm sure with practice (just like the roses) I'll be ok :)
I've also realized I need to visit a florist's shop.....because I'm working from memory on most of the flowers, some I haven't seen really. I'm an islander....when I first started making flowers all my roses looked like hibiscus.....:)

first steps done.....daisy petals an carnation bud...finished carnation!
I put shimmer dust on it...but you can't tell LOL
yay! my daisies and carnation

snug as a bug in an eggcrate (wait...that's not right....) :P
More fun stuff later!

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