Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Have you heard of the Cake Elf?

So the purse cake was a hit at the office.....
they made me cut it.....which was strangely exhilarating ...hacking up something that took 5 hrs to make shouldn't have felt that good(maniacal laughter)

Yeh I need to learn how to cut just looks like a crime scene doesn't it?

But I was told it was delicious once again which makes me happy.
After making that cake on Sunday, I actually still had to bake a cake for my regular class.
I was so tired I could not even look at a recipe for a cake and I didnt think anyone was going to want more cake at the office so I decided to cop out a little and at around midnight I busted out a cake mix (the crackheads next door don't care). In my defense, I did throw in a box of vanilla pudding to make it not so generic.
I also realized I need to invest in 2 of every pan I have because you REALLY do need to split the batter up to bake can't just throw all the batter into one pan and then figure "I'll split it into two later"......It doesn't work....ask me how I know...
Since I only have one borrowed 7 inch pan from my Grandma, I ha to bake each cake seperately which was about 1.5 hours when you add in the whole cake-has-to-cool-before-you-release it thing (again, ask me how I know....)
So I set alarms and did my darndest to not fall asleep on myself waiting for the cakes to bake......I managed to bake and level both layers before I decided to fall asleep at around 3 am.

Now, this next part gets a little weird. My memory is a little foggy but if I recall correctly, I got up at around 4 or 5 to go to the bathroom. I don't know how I was lucid enough to do this but somehow, before I got back into the bed, I managed to fill (with strawberry filling...where did that come from?), frost and cover the cake then hop back into bed.
I woke up around 8 and the first thing I thought was "OH CRAP!....what the hell did I do to that cake???"
And I sprung out of bed and looked at the counter expecting another bumpy-cloud-cake disaster.
Believe me when I say, The Cake (yes it deserves capiltalization) was perfect...I have never covered a cake better...I had to take a picture of it, I was so shocked.
It was level, smooth and covered all around.....thankfully sleepy me realized it was not a good idea to wield a knife while half comatose so it wasn't trimmed up but dang.......if I didn't remember getting up at some point during the night, I woulda sworn there were magical cake elves who did it.
What a good start to the day! I could just come home after work, grab my perfect cake and go to class. is over (I left early shhh)...woo! I get into my car and I notice how quiet it is....hmmm weird...but a quiet car is better than a really loud one right? Isn't that what all the new cars boast? quiet start? Still, I get a little wary with my car so I pulled out my rosary that I keep in my car (hey I'm trinidadian.....) and I tried to hang it fom my rearview mirror...then i realised I don't have one....oops! LOL....

Anyway, long story short, a quiet car does not mean that my 1996 Toyota decided to act like a 2010 means my 1996 alternator decided to go kaput.

Luckily I got a mechanic to come look at it and patch me up so I could drive home, but it was already 7:15 by that time...class began at 6:30
I thought to myself, you know what, I'm gonna go......I'm gonna show up , all disheveled....with my rolling pin in hand(I keep it in the car as a weapon) and learn what to do then try it at home on The Cake.....don't say I'm not dedicated!

I showed up and I swore up and down to everyone that the world's most perfect cake lay on my counter at home and I didn't just flake out on it and sleep last normal people.....

but alas, of course noone believed me, nor cared......they kind of didn't make eye contact with me at all.....hmmmm maybe I looked crazier than I thought...

Anyway, we learned how to do draping and quilting and I was so tired when I got home I couldn't put more effort into The Cake if I tried.

I also poked the sides of the cake in anger LOL so you're gonna have to trust me when I say it WAS perfect....(I'll find the picture)

Onto the last cake of all the Wilton courses next week...I'm no looking forward to it because I have to go to conference, move apartments and bake the cakes all this weekend....but I have to admit I'm gonna be pretty bummed on Tuesday next week...4 months of cakes and classes and now I'm left to my own devices...what shall I do.....
But I'm pretty excited I'll have all 4 Wilton certificates :)

(Oh and I signed up for the Topsy Turvy cake class november that should be a fun post to look out for.. :))

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