Monday, October 12, 2009

I am leaving with a baked good whether you like it or not.

So....FrenchPastries part 2!

My teacher decided that in order to NOT starve us this week, she would let us make something we made quiche...and because i requested it...creme brulee.

Now if you recall from a couple posts back, I'm not a fan of custardy things, I prefer a chewy texture to my sweet stuff. Then why creme brulee?

Because I'm a closet pyromaniac of course. You get to use a blowtorch! And my teacher obviously sensing my pyro-ness, didn't bring a wimpy little kitchen torch...oh no...she brought a industrial size one...ok not really but it was fire extinguisher sized (oh irony....)

Anyway, I feel like my teacher lost her steam and she said since the class was so busy last time that we would just watch her make one....UM NO. I definitely paid money for the class and I intended on leaving with some kind of baked good. But I did it on the sly...

"oh can we each make the pastry dough as well?" "Yes sure"

"Oh as long as I have the dough and we have time, do you mind if i just make a quiche too? I'd like you to tell me what to do if anything goes wrong"

"Uhhhhh....Yeh sure I guess that's a good idea"

Cut to me separating myself from the rest of the class to make a quiche.....while they made creme anglaise....which is a cool recipe but it's pretty basic....

SO I made me a quiche! but i didn't take a picture of it cuz i'm a moron and forgot before my family dug into it, but here's a picture of the teacher's that we all shared...mine looks the same except for the gooieness in the middle because I prefer it firmer.

So onto dessert......

The creme brulee was cool, i can see myself making smaller ones, but because they cook in sturdy cookware, I don't know how much of a sellable item they would be. My little cousin wants to try it cuz she keeps hearing about it so I told her we can make it soon (yay more blowtorching!!)

So here's my first creme brulee! It looks a little burnt... creme brulee means BURNT cream,, but it didn't taste tasted lovely.....and i got much betteron the second one

my fav part was cracking the hard sugar top...such a violent dessert.....torching the top then stabbing it......

oooooh yeh

(oh and it was my idea to bake them in teacups....jus cuz it added a supercute factor....aww)

and the extras...made in bowls.....(not as supercute) the teenage boy in our class came up with that idea)

We made so many, and my teacher just threw away the extras!! I was like WTH? why r u throwing away good food....we even suggested she leave it in foil for the janitors to enjoy but she just threw it away.....sigh.......wasteful.....

All in all fun stuff.....I'm taking a class next week at another campus, where I was told the classes are much more hands on....yay!
EDIT: The class got cancelled ....apparently 2 hands was not enough...sigh

I also have fondant and gumpaste class 2 tomorrow

I just received my free samples of Fondarific....good stuff! not a fan of the melon.....on a cake its a little cloying i can imagine
(hahahah cloying...what a fun word)

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