Sunday, October 18, 2009

Purse and Shoe Cake Class Day

If you're wondering, yes this is the third consecutive weekend I've spent in the kitchen....
This class was more fun than I thought it would's always nice to meet up with people who like the same stuff you do. So when I saw people walking in with 20 lb TUBS of satin ice fondant, I knew we would get along swimmingly. LOL

I spent all day yesterday (well not all day, I went to Zumba in the morning...and messed my back up AGAIN wtf?) baking cakes.
I made red velvet again (it's the office's favourite) and a vanilla sour-cream white cake. My intent was to use just half of the white cake batter for my monday regular class cake and use the rest for a cobwebby marble cake for halloween, but upon googling, I realised freezing cake batter is just asking for a cakewreck.
So I used the rest on an extra ten inch layer to go in my purse cake. So my cake was a whopper....3 layers of deliciousness stacked high and frosted in my homemade buttercream...mmm
Anyway, so this morning, I bundled myself (cold front, yes!) and my cake in the car and headed to the classroom with bags of equipment and materials.
I rushed over there too, Egg McMuffin in hand only to realise, I got there a half hour early.
So I set up and chatted with the other girls (I've noticed whenever there's a lull in convo with cake people...the ice breaker is always "So did you cath Ultimate Cake Off/Cake Boss/Ace of Cakes/ Challenge last week?"....resounding "oh was awesome" s LOL)
Do you see that MASSIVE wad of fondant....that sucker is homemade ya'll and tastes SO good. I recently sampled fondarific and looked at the ingredients and while delicious, there was nothing on there that screamed "so exclusive you must buy me!"...especially not for 15$ for 2 pounds.... so I tweaked my fondant recipe with a rolled butteream recipe and it as fantastic! and yeilded like 5 pounds, for about 4$. Everyone was impressed. I explained to them , I give my cakes away and I can't be giving people cakes that have nasty fondant.....I mean hello! trying to get business here!!! LOL

Miss Patty got there and she brought her display cake with her....
cute right? but I swear to you this thing was 3 inches tall....maybe 6 with the handles.....
I stared at my bazooka of a cake and was like uh oh.....this is not going to end well....good thing I made that massive hunk o fondant right?

So the first thing Miss Patty had us do was cut our cakes to form a base, in her cake it was cut halfway through, I cut mine a little further.
(One of the girls who cut her cake cut into little sample was dominican cake....DELICIOUS! and totally something we make in Trinidad..)
I don't really like the semi circle look of the display cake so I asked if it would be ok to level the top a bit....I didn't go to overboard though, because it's a pain to ice freshly cut cake without letting it rest in the fridge and set up first....
Then she instructed us to cover our cakes with our fondant....sidebar: that HUGE hunk of fondant takes a LOT of colour and kneading....
Anyway after FINALLY getting the colour I wanted, I took my burning arms and rolled it out.
I'll let the pictures do the talking for the rest of the process.

I LURVE my equestrian.
Wheww! So that took a long while.....
best line ever (from another girl in class): "I am so over this handle thing.....(throws handle aside)...look, it's a clutch now"

.... I looked at my cake (tiredly) and I felt like it was asking for something LOL
"what do you need...what do you need...."

...the devil is in the details....

And i was done! I love this cake so much, I wish I could actually pick it up and walk around with it like a purse while munching on it to freak people out......

I didn't finish my gumpaste shoes, because honestly, that egg mcmuffin only lasted so long and i was losing always surprises me how much work these cakes take......
Before I post my good pics of my cake, these are my classmates' cakes:

cute shoes......omigod shoes.

cubed dominican cake mmmm
Lolita's Dooney and Burke lookalike....gorgeous...she makes beautiful cakes.

and my fav
Charo's Coach....the colours are SO spot on....I am in love with it...
She made a shoebox for her shoes! cute!
Miss Patty made a small one for her friend who was having a Birthday

And the class busy at work.....

the layered cake in front is my extras! see the colours?
Ok....glamour shots of my cake!
Pose for the camera now

ooh yehhhh

what's this? a makeover?

quilting! I have like a million pics of this cake.....I love it. LOL

P.S. My cake just got "favorited" three times on cakecentral.....omg i may baby steps :D

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