Monday, September 7, 2009

Why a blog?

Allow me to introduce myself...You can call me Cher. I'm 23 years old and I just graduated with my Bachelor's Degree.
I started this page so I could work on my passion for cake/ dessert creation and a challenge for myself and a way of keeping record
I'm pretty much the illigitimate lovechild of Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines.
Ever since I can remember, I've been obsessively interested in baking. I remember the first time I read a book and thought "Oh my God, she's just like me!" wasn't a Judy Blume coming of age story or even a fairy tale character I saw myself reflected in...It was the biography page of the Mrs. Field's cookbook.
The obsession probably started when I was 9....I asked my mother for an Easy Bake oven, only for her to reply...."Why don't you just use the real one"...I was disappointed...but I did use it....ALOT.
I made sugar cookies like there was no tomorrow, gave them out to friends, family and classmates. The highlight of my first sleepover was being able to bake my own birthday cake. My old diaries from my preteen years are littered with blurbs like "Mom said I could make Christmas cookies this year...yay!" and "I am going to finally attempt to make fondant"....

I was given a diary when I was 10, and since I aready had one...I changed it to a book for my favourite recipes....I was a weird kid...what can I say? But it has always been something I've wanted to pursue.
During high school, baking was always something I did....I tried a LOT of recipes..I also got into candy making...perfected fudge after about a billion tries...It's hard for me to find something I haven't tried at least once. Brownie deliveries and cheesecake drop offs were just part of my weekend routine...
College was the was wonderful...I could bake and just open my door and people would eat me no baked good will EVER go to waste in a college dorm. I made valentines cookies, birthday chocolates, congratulation cakes....My friends are enablers.
We were (and still are) Williams Sonoma's dream clientele...we made cheesecakes, pies, tarts quiches....We welcomed quesadilla makers, waffle irons, chocolate fountains and breadmakers as gifts while others bought kegerators and Margarita makers (and by others, I mean my roommates so I still benefitted :)

So now that I've graduated, relocated and I'm finally part of the working world (yay income)....with no other real constraints on my time...I am finally indulging myself and throwing all my efforts into the dessert biz. I've taken the Wilton Cake Decorating classes and I plan to throw myself into every recreational class I can find till I find my niche.
I'm only on contract in FL till December and after that I don't know where I'll be but my goal is to have my skill relatively marketable by then.

I know Rome wasn't built in a day and I'm realising with every border I pipe, that it's a lot harder than I thought, but I don't see myself giving up on this....(I knew what marzipan was when I was 10 for crying out loud)

Cake design and cooking on a whole is super trendy right now and I'm sure the market is saturated, but I have such real passion for this stuff.....I hope people will see it and allow me to share it with them.

That's it for now....

Oh and if you're wondering about the name...ask my mom... she's got a massive sweet tooth and would always ask us to bring her "cakey things" whenever we went out...I always used to joke with her that if I ever opened a bakery, I'd name it Cakey Things....funny how stuff works out right?
So thanks mom.......for the name...and for never getting me an easy bake oven.....

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  1. very interesting and quite funny
    Hope all your dreams and aspirations come true