Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pink is my favourite crayonnnn

So my friend Lena's birthday is in January, and what better way to start of the year than with cake. Since this cake was actually for something meaningful; a birthday, I decided now was not the time to experiment and practice like the last few times....and conveniently enough, Lena is an accessories girl. So the purse cake has made an encore. However it's changed it's outfit. It's now hot pink. I am not a pink person, but this cake isn't for me. I knew I didnt have the colour pink I needed ( dusty rose is just not funky and fun....unless you're 85) and this gave me the perfect opportunity to check out the cake supply store here .

I got down there and spent way too much on fondant and bought this beautiful pink luster dust. So I made a confetti cake (cake with sprinkles for all you fun-deprived people) and I took my time with this cake ya'll and I have some friends on webcam that can attest to this. I didn't take phone calls, I didn't move from my workdesk until that cake was finished.  The cake was originally supposed to be a pink spinoff of the cake Charo did in purse class but It didnt look right in pink, so I changed it to a simple bag. In fact I wanted it to look like a cross between a purse and a gym bag, because my friend is a crazy dedicated triathelete. You decide whether or not I succeeded. I like this cake alot AND I got to use my funky font cutters! Finally!

I seem to have lost my camera so the only pictures I have are from the restaurant where I took the cake (1.5 hrs away....the cake travelled well Ill tell u that)

I have to say I love those pics because they show a cake I did, in public being enjoyed.....the candles just make me so pleased! and I am glad it came out looking good because its for a friend....and it makes the work worth it when they like it.

Happy Birthday Lena!

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