Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hi there!
It's been a while since my last post....and I think I can use the excuse that I was in emotional recovery.
I had my first cake disaster.....and yes, it was on the topsy turvy cake.
Little back story to the cake: I wanted this cake to be my crowning glory of cakedom, I was so excited, I baked 9 cakes total!!! 9!!! it took me a whole weekend to do the cakes, the 2 batches of buttercream, the 10 pounds of fondant. Honestly, I wasn't planning on this cake being for anyone so I don't know why I put that much effort into it, I guess it's that whole "practice at 100%" thing that stuck in my head from Real Housewives of Atlanta (guilty pleasure alert!)
This was my cake of experiments I guess, and pretty much all were successful except for well....the cake......

 I made an AWESOME OREO buttercream, seriously, how kickass is that....OREO filling in a triple chocolate cake with a layer of white chocolate buttercream on top. It just sounds awfully decadent doesn't it?

So I get to class, and after driving around the parking lot like a creeper to find an empty shopping cart (sidebar: one of the ones I found had a dirty diaper in it....WHO DOES THAT??) and once I found a clean one I took all my supplies inside. I needed to knead my fondant because I left a package of icing sugar out when I made it an it was unusable as it was.......So I spent a HUGE majority of time doing that and figuring out how much fondant I would need to cover my behemoth cakes (seriously, I don't know why they come out so huge)
I soon realsed that we were not doing the method on topsy turvy caking that I thought we were doin, the one that "mimics" instability by creating an optical illusion, but we were in fact creating REAL instability with the cakes.

 uh oh.

I covered and stacked my cakes, which took forever, and as I predicted, I was burnt out. I hate leaving the class with an unifnished cake however so I had planned beforehand to use candy as decoration instead of making borders and flowers etc. I'm pretty glad I did that becaus it made the next story a little more bearable.

Once I semi finished the cake and class ended, I took it carefully to the car in a shopping cart and placed it ever so gently in the car. SinceI live alone, I had no way really of getting someone to hold the cake for me as I drove, which I would have done if it wasnt a practice cake. So when a guy decided I was inching slowly enough along that he could cut me off safely, all 50 pounds of cake went THUMP......

No more shall be said on that.

The last tier was saved tho and I made a TON of cake truffles from the broken layers. So all was not lost.....comes with the territory when practicing I guess.

Did I mention my neighbours love me?

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